Reviews of The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months that Changed the World

“An entertaining new history of Truman’s first months in office...filled with events that are strikingly proportionate to what the Trump administration has weathered since January.” 
—John Batchelor, The Daily Beast


"Baime…not only captures Truman’s rise in popularity, but further analyzes why this unimposing senator from the nation’s heartland has so captured the imaginations of two generations… Baime describes in exciting and highly charged prose four months of unrelenting activity that left everyone around the new president in awe of his energy…"

Edward Cuddihy, Buffalo News 


"A well-written and interesting account."

—Harry Levins, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"I highly recommend this book! Thanks to A.J. Baime for this outstanding contribution to our understanding of Harry Truman and the first four months of his presidency."

—Mike Purdy,

“A fast-paced, well-detailed chronology of Truman's transformation from an official with little administrative responsibility into a politically astute and ultimately beloved leader.... A warmly human portrait of an unlikely president.”

"A.J. Baime is a master. His reporting and storytelling are woven to hypnotic effect. Opening the first page of The Accidental President is like pulling up a chair to Truman’s White House desk where we sit engrossed as world events unfold in the most intimate manner, titanic in scale. Baime brings us as close as we are likely to get to this completely surprising, quirky, wily, and transformational president. This is history and humanity in lush, vivid color."
—Doug Stanton, New York Times bestselling author of The Odyssey of Echo Company and Horse Soldiers

“A.J. Baime is a master storyteller, and The Accidental President contains everything a reader could ever want from a work of history: characters that jump off the page, tension that makes your pulse pound, and smooth, smart writing that makes you think. Amazing!”
—Jonathan Eig, NYT bestselling author of Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig and Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson's First Season 
“People sometimes ask me if I’ve ever considered running for office. My answer is usually, “Sober? No.” All it would take is to recall what my grandfather went through in the first four months of his presidency. No president in history – particularly one who came in without having been briefed by his predecessor – has faced such monumental decisions. A.J. Baime has put a spotlight on those four months, recounting them faithfully and with heart, so that you come away with not only a sense of history, but a sense of the man, Harry Truman, as well. As Grandpa himself said a few years later, “It’s hell to be President of the Greatest Most Powerful Nation on Earth.”
—Clifton Truman Daniel, Truman’s grandson and author of Growing Up with My Grandfather: Memories of Harry S. Truman

"Intimate and absorbing, A.J. Baime's biography uses new sources to paint Harry Truman as a complex and thoroughly American figure. A sharply-drawn portrait of an era as well as a man."
–Stephan Talty, New York Times bestselling author of The Black Hand and Agent Garbo

"Baime serves attractive tale for fans of both presidential and WWII history... A clear...window on a pivotal moment in history."

—Publisher's Weekly

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